Let your cat stay at home

Creature Comforts offers you the opportunity to let your pets stay at home while you go away. Purrfect as all animals prefer thier home comforts. Creature Comforts have been successfully looking after your family pets for over 14 years.

Local pet minding services

Local, well established pet minder covering Sale Moor, Sale, Timperley, Altrincham, Broadheath, Bowdon, Hale and Hale Barns.

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Rates and Prices

Our prices start from £8.00 per day.

Prices vary on how many visits a day are required. We have no hard & fast rules as you would expect, as every pet & every customers requirements differ so much. 

One of the key benefits of our business is that we visit your home daily, sometimes twice daily. The extra security of this service is invaluable.
We put out and bring in the bins, turn lights off & on when required also. Plants can be watered & re-arranged.

Welcome home packages can also be arranged. Bread, milk & the basics for customers raturning home late at night

Jane & Angela are the only two people who will visit your home, both are very experienced in pet care & home visits. Most important of all they realise the responsability of visiting your home while your away.


NO PETS??  We can still offer you a house sitting service, watering indoor plants or gardens, bringing post in, lights on and off, bins put out and back in, no job too small.  Price starting from £6 per day.